Search Engine Optimisation

Optimisation for the search engines in order to gain higher website ranking in the search results.
How to start the process of improving your website's position and what we do.

Starting the Optimisation Process

If you have an existing website that is not ranking highly in the search engines for the search terms under which you wish to be found, please contact us for a chat about starting to put the matter right with optimisation for your website. We will happily meet you if you are in the Cambridge, Saffron Walden or outlying areas, or we will can communicate by email or phone if you are further afield in the UK. We will discuss what we do and how we do it. You will, however, have to make sure that you have your website's essential details before we are able to actually commence any agreed process.


Security of Your Website

Before we do anything at all, we make sure that all your website pages, details and connections are backed up. This means that at any time, should you decide, these pages and details for your site can be restored to their original format. This is very unlikely since the whole purpose is to improve your site so that it is found in the higher search results, but it does give you the security of knowing that your website is safe.


Proceeding to Improve Your Search Engine Results

Once we have all this in place we can do an analysis of your site's source code to see what needs to be addressed in the optimisation process to improve your website's position in search results.

We will also research the best keywords and search terms applicable for your business.

We will then discuss the findings with you and agree a plan that suits your business and budget. We are fully aware that an individual's hobby website business and similar smaller concerns are likely to have a much more limited budget and we will accommodate as much as possible.

From there we can proceed in optimising your website and rewrite everything in the source code that needs improving. We also follow the guidelines of good practice laid down by the search engines. Whilst most of this source code amendment is unseen by the viewer of a webpage, this could mean some changes to what is actually shown on the page in order to optimise your site in the best possible manner. Have no fear - if SEO means we recommend changes to any user-viewable part of any page we will consult you and talk through the reasoning of such amendments so that you are always kept informed of the process. As everything is previously backed up this presents no dangers to restoration of any previous state.


Optimisation, as far as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc goes, also relies on gaining links from other respected sites related to your business. We analyse these potential sites to ensure that any linked to will have relevant content and a sufficiently high search engine listing and page rank to be of value to your business.

We will implement an initial submission process to any sites we find during the optimisation process, but this should be an ongoing regular practice by ensuring you keep a website maintenance agreement going with us.


We will remain happy to discuss the situation with you at any stage of the process.


Remember - a website, no matter how good it is to look at, is doing you and your business no good at all unless it is high enough in the search engine results to get found!

So, wherever you are in the UK, contact us for a chat about getting better search result positions for your website.



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