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Website creation, optimisation, hosting and maintenance pricings.

Pricings of Our Services

As each individual requirement, be it building a new site, optimising, etc. will be different according the number of pages to be built or optimised etc. we cannot give a definitive price here for any service as we will provide the exact quotations after assessing your particular case. However, we can give an outline of certain basics here below.


Optimisation of Existing Website

This is our speciality and we are very proud of our abilities in this field. However, we still keep our fees for this service as low as we can. The fees really do depend on the individual circumstance, but can start as low as £450. Optimising incurs only a one-off charge, and remember a non-ranking website is pretty much no use to you at all. More information on our search engine optimisation page. Your website should also be maintained after optimisation - see our Optimisation and Maintenance Package below.


Building a New Website

Building a website will obviously depend of the amount of pages, etc. you need, but as a general guide we will build a basic 3-page site for £495 as a starting point. Remember all new websites are built with optimisation included so that your site will have the benefit of great search engine results. Extra pages will be priced at £120 each. Please bear in mind these figures are without any extras required. See our page on creating a new optimized website.


Website Maintenance Only

Standard website maintenance is charged at £40 per month.


Website Creation and Maintenance Package

Ongoing website maintenance comes at a 10% discounted price of the standard charge if included with a new website build. All new websites are optimised from scratch so there is no need of extra charges for optimisation.


Optimisation and Maintenance Package

If we optimise an existing website for you, we can provide website maintenance from then on at a 10% discounted price from the standard charge.




Your business requirements will always be unique and any price will have to be reflective of your needs. Please treat the above as a guide only and contact us for a chat regarding your individual requirements.




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