Website Creation - Build a New Website

Building a fully optimised website - creation of a new site from scratch that will rank highly.

Building New Websites

Creation of a new website should take into account all the search engine optimisation factors to make it rank highly, although most do not do this. Whether we are building a website from scratch for you as a new project, or creating a new website to replace one that has been built using design shortcuts that do not enable the correct access to modify or improve the source, we will build a site for you that is fully optimised for the search engines.

We will talk through your requirements with you and gather all the information about your business or online presence before we begin. You will have a choice or colours and designs to choose from or modify to suit your business, new site-specific email addresses (for example: for sales and for Fred's department, etc.) and we can set up forms for customer enquiries and automatic emails to inform you of customer requirements, etc. We will also incorporate your company logo on any of these media.

We highly recommend an absolute minimum 3-page new-build website in order to be qualified for high search result positions, but in practice this will usually iron out to about a 5-page basic site once a contact form etc. is built. Of course, according to requirements, we will build however many pages you require for your new website.

We stop short of creating websites that require an actual order and payment collection system on a page (via shopping carts etc.). Although we can create these type of sites, they are very time-consuming and we would rather devote our time to creating a workable, good-looking website and our main speciality of search engine optimisation.


We also have first-class hosting available so there is no need to search elsewhere for someone to host your new site, see website hosting.


Wherever you are in the UK, contact us for a chat about building a fully optimised new website.



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