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Search Engine Results - Why Websites Don't Rank Highly

Many websites have been built by individuals or companies that specialise solely in website design, and as such they may look good and work for the purposes of their use. However, in most cases very little, if any, thought has been given to improve website results or how to get better website ranking or positions in search engine results using SEO. Therefore you don't get found by new customers searching, only by people that already know your site address. These sites are desperate for website optimisation! Get in touch to optimise your site!.

Although we also build new websites from scratch, that is not what we are focusing on here. We are looking here at taking an existing website and improving its position in the search results.

Websites are built using a source code, generally written in html or xhtml, and what one actually sees when looking at a website on the internet is only a small part of this source code. Often the site has been made using an interface that writes the source code from inputting simplified text and graphics on a design, but this very often interferes with the best way of writing the source code. Hence, when the search engine robots tries to read your page, it may either hiccup a bit and carry on regardless, produce a lower result listing, or be forced to stop altogether.

This is a bit like choosing the middle page of a book, tearing out all the pages after it and removing their page numbers, then scattering them in a pile. After reading up to the last fixed page you have no idea which page of words to pick up next so you give up reading, much the same as the SE bots give up trying to 'parse' the webpage. (Don't forget - they're reading the source code, NOT what you see on your page.) If this happens you have no chance of getting a good result!

For efficient website optimisation, correcting these problems is only a primary step; there are many more factors that then come into play when trying to get a better website position than your competitors. This is what takes the expertise and experience of website optimisation specialists. We have been putting into practice all such correct search engine optimisation procedures in a highly effective way for all our customers over a period of 16 years now, and we adhere to good practices and the guidelines laid down by the search engines themselves. We can also show proof of our SEO success in each and every case - most of which are on page 1 of the search engine listings for their chosen search term or terms. This is not hype, it is reality! However, it's not a quick fix that can be achieved by just anyone - it takes a lot of work and relies on a lot of experience. It is also important to state that most definitely, contrary to loads of claims by internet marketers, NO-ONE can guarantee a page 1 listing - even if they are proficient and optimistic of a good result. We are no different - but we CAN produce the evidence of our success for each of all our clients. Contact us.

Occasionally we are presented with a website that has been previously built using a 'quick-fix' online graphic program, and in these circumstances we would not normally be able to do anything to optimise the existing site as we would be unable to access a source code. These types of design website builders have no interest in whether your website appears in the SE results or not, it's merely a way of easily producing a site that looks OK for a monetary gain. We normally recommend that we build a new website in these situations, using the correct procedures and incorporating SEO, although we can of course reproduce the same look to the site as was originally put together in the graphics program.

In any event, optimisation has got to be worth doing. Your website is your future business and, year on year increasingly, the way most customers will find you. It is just not viable to put up with a website that prospective customers cannot find in the higher search engine results. Contact us.


Website Hosting

Websites must be hosted somewhere. It's like putting an advert in a newspaper or magazine - you have to buy the space from someone to house your information. If you have an existing site you will already have hosting provided somewhere - but is the host good, bad or indifferent? Do their servers constantly stay online or are they frequently having downtimes? We offer an affordable, reliable solution to include both hosting and optimisation for your website.


Where We Started

We started website optimising or search engine optimisation in Cambridge and around the Saffron Walden area of Essex for local businesses that had the problem that their website was not showing up in the search engine results, and we have since developed to providing SEO to clients outside Cambridge, nationwide in the UK. It makes no difference where you are, the same SEO rules and solutions apply. However, we would be especially delighted to serve individuals or businesses locally with website optimisation - SEO for Saffron Walden, Linton, Cambridge, etc. - in order to help promote local trade.

Wherever you are in the UK, contact us for a chat about getting better search result positions for your website.



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